Rehearsal Dinner Catering | Tiverton, RI


Following up on last night’s wedding catering in Narragansett, RI we fired up the ovens again tonight for a rehearsal dinner across the other bridge to Tiverton.

The setting for the rehearsal dinner was awesome. The back of the house had a rustic outdoor kitchen where everyone hung out while we cooked. When pizzas were ready, we just reached over and placed on the counter. It was awesome.

The rehearsal dinner menu for the evening included:

  • Fresh Garden Salad

  • Wood-Fired Cheese Pizza

  • Wood-Fired Margherita Pizza

  • Wood-Fired Pepperoni Pizza

  • Wood-Fired Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Per usual, the Buffalo Chicken was the fan favorite. Some daring souls even kicked it up with additional hot sauce - a bold choice.

With summer winding down, we are looking forward to catering a number of fall weddings and rehearsal dinners. If you are planning on hosting an event - from a backyard birthday party to a wedding - contact us to see our complete wood-fired menu. We also offer a number of a la carte favorites from Brick Alley Pub as well